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MVGM, an authority in real estate

What does your property mean to you? A place to make your dreams come true? A solid investment? Savings for a rainy day? Whether your dream comes true or your vision is realised will depend on the market developments and the decisions you make. No matter what your property means to you, MVGM helps you.

Largest property manager in the Netherlands

MVGM is an authority in real estate and it takes the entire or partial real estate portfolio management off it’s clients hands. As the largest property management company in the Netherlands, MVGM manages:

  • 60.000 rental properties,
  • more than 1.5 million square metres of office and commercial space,

  • more than 1.5 million square metres of retail space,
  • 50.000 appartments of almost 3.000 associations of owner-occupiers,
  • and sundry of other projects.

National coverage and local commitment

With over 600 employees and 20 offices MVGM relieves its customers in the field of real estate management, management of associations of owner-occupiers, the execution of valuations and the purchase, sale and/or rental of commercial real estate. Based on the philosophy of bundling knowledge and skills, we offer our customers a fully integrated service with (international) experience and knowledge of the local market.

The property advisor for you

MVGM works for a variety of customers; national and international investors, banks and financers, housing cooperatives, entrepreneurs, principal shareholders, insurance agencies, private owners and governmental authorities. Our specialists can provide you with valuable real estate advise.