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MVGM Valuations and Advisory

Understanding value of properties

  • Would you like a detailed valuation of your property?
  • Would you like to have a strategic analysis of your property portfolio?
  • Do you have all the information available for measuring your financial performance?

MVGM is available for their clients to perform property valuations and analysis for different purposes, such as selling-off strategies, buying and acquisitions, business strategy, due diligences, (re)financing and (re)development. Our personal approach, often described by our clients as ‘typical Dutch’, means we are solutions-focused with transparent and open communication.

Wide-ranging national and local expertise

With offices throughout The Netherlands and a team of more than 45 valuation experts, MVGM has all the knowledge available to manage your valuation(s) and has expertise across all regions and markets.

The valuation experts are supported in the valuation process by our own research department, which has an extensive national database (GIS). We are kept up to date about national and regional developments. We conduct over €25 billion worth of valuations annually, which ranks us in the top three largest valuation firms of The Netherlands. In addition, our specialised team values €10 billion worth of property value annually for MSCI Dutch Property Index and IPD Corporation Property Index.


We are a RICS regulated company and we work in accordance with the internationally acknowledged professional RICS standards, which are IVS compliant. We produce independent, detailed and   consistent valuations of your properties, which comply with European Valuation Standards (EVS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), depending on the objective. Our valuers are also registered in the Dutch Register of Property Valuers (NRVT). The NRVT controls the quality of valuations and the professional competence of the valuers.

The valuation process of MVGM is transparent and fully controlled based on the certification standards of ISAE3402 Type II. This certification includes all the necessary process management and controlling necessary for accounting purposes and quality management.

Our services

We offer a wide range of services to our clients. The services of MVGM Valuations include:

  • Valuations for housing associations (RJ 645, IPD Corporation Property Index, Housing Act);
  • Valuations for healthcare properties;
  • Valuations for commercial (Offices, Industrial and Retail) and residential properties;
  • Valuations for the MSCI Property Index;
  • Operating properties (Hotels, Petrol stations, Golf Courts, Restaurants, Cafés);
  • Research & Consultancy

Personal approach

We are a typical Dutch firm and have valuation experts available in different areas of expertise and in all the areas of The Netherlands. We have a client-centered approach which is focused on answering the specific questions of the case including open communication and involvement.  We are at your service to answer any questions or to explain matters in further detail.

Would you like to contact our team?

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